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DATASMART Health Solutions gives companies a smarter way to provide healthcare coverage through technology. Employers spend $1.2 trillion on health benefits for over 155 million workers, making them the best partner in the pursuit of better healthcare.

DATASMART Health Solutions starts by looking at historical data. We run these data through the DataSmart Solutions proprietary analytics Engine. Our care management team reviews the results. With these results, decisions can be made about health, interventions, and suggested actions to build healthier lives in plan members. Over time additional data from claims, wellness, and treatment & care is then fed back into the analytics engine providing even better results.

With the only platform that can connect and administer an entire health benefits ecosystem — health plans, benefits programs, spending accounts, member services — DATASMART Health Solutions enables employer sponsored health plans to optimize their healthcare investment while giving employees the best coverage possible. DATASMART Health Solutions utilizes the largest independent administrator of self-funded health benefits in the country.

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