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Salary and Benefits Survey

For over forty years, L.R. Webber has been your connection to timely and reliable information on wages, salaries, employee benefits, as well as compensation practices and trends through the L.R. Webber Salary/Benefits Survey for financial institutions.  

Are you needlessly over paying employees?  Are you in danger of losing employees to competitors?  Are you expecting above average performance from key executives, while offering non-competitive salaries and compensation?  Do you even have the means to begin answering these questions? Beyond simply presenting wage data, the survey will help you assess your current situation and know if your institution is normal, above or below average, or both.  The report includes a Survey Highlights page with graphs and tables to assist users in applying the data. This is a very valuable resource for planning current compensation and benefits programs as well as for developing your long-term strategies.  Survey results include:

Wages/Salaries for over 200 Job Titles

  • Range Average
  • Weighted Average Salaries
  • Median
  • Absolute – Minimum & Maximum
Executive Benefits and Perquisites

  • Five Highest Salaried Employees
  • Total Compensation
  • Salary & Bonus
  • Directors’ fees & Bonuses

Employee Benefits

  • Group Insurance Costs
  • Program Details
  • Retirement Plan Data
Compensation Practices

  • Wage and Salary Practices
  • Supplemental Compensation
  • Total Annual Compensation